Monday, May 18, 2009

A little bit of country & a little bit of creativity

Well first, Autumn is just dying to make a debut. She followed me around, sitting nicely everytime I turned I snapped her picture. She is such a GOOD dog and supports me in all my creativity - sits or lays in my craft room when I'm in there - loves to play with all the stuff in there. Once in a while, she sneaks in there and steals a spool of thread or a paint brush and I have to chase her for it. Most of the time, I remember to shut the door. I think if she was human, she'd be right there with me creating.

I didn't piece this quilt, but I did the hand quilting in it. I really love the heart pattern I did - definitely will use it again.

My little one and my friend Laura's little one. How cute are they!!!!!! So peaceful looking....

My husband, Chuck, playing ball with the dogs....this is Riley(the chocolate) and Blue(the yellow). Riley is great at catching the ball in the air. Blue....not such much...but she sure looks good!

I did do scrapping this past weekend and forgot to take pics of them.....may have two posts this week!!

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Kim said...

awesome photos -sweet doggies!! keep up your posting you are on a roll :)